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Group picture of fashion designer Diva Big models wearing yellow and black clothing

Plus-size Models 




"As an established and respected international plus-size fashion designer, I understand the importance of having access to a comprehensive database of plus-size models. That's why I created Faces Plus - a hub that hosts plus-size models from all over the world." -Diva Bigg

Join us today and take your modeling career to the next level.


Picture of 3 fashion models posing during photo shoot

Aspiring models are always on the lookout for opportunities to break into this lucrative career path.

Professional model means a person who, in the course of his or her trade, occupation or profession, performs modeling services.

An aspiring, professional, fit, or agency model.

Group picture of plus size models  wearing body paint

Agency model is a model sign to a model and talent company. The agency facilitates the talent with find work. path.

Group picture of Diva Bigg models wearing yellow and black clothing

House model are models that have been handle selected by DivaBigg as the model team. House models travel with DivaBigg and act as fit models for DivaBigg designs.

Model wearing a black and white outfit designed by Diva Bigg

Fit model (sometimes fitting model) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a 'real' human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

Plus size model wearing a design by Diva Bigg

Influencers have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

4 models wearing black Diva Bigg tank tops and blue jeans

A social media content creator is an individual who creates and shares content intended to educate or entertain an audience across social media platforms.

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